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Travel Design


We aim to use expertise and reactivity to compose YOUR journey


With us.



First, let us know you a bit more by expressing what you have in mind through the form below


We will do our best to understand you and to come back to you with ideas


Your personnal travel designer and you will exchange to fine tune to details as you want them to be

We are a flexible travel agency, using years of experience abroad to compose YOUR journey.

Complete the form below to ask us about our ideas for your journey.

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Hello, thank you for consulting us. Please answer the questions below to allow us to tailor-make your experience.

First, allow us to know a bit more about you:

Could you resume the experience you are seeking in a few words?

What are you interested in?

Help us draw the major lines of your trip,

What are your intended dates of travel?
What comfort are you expecting to travel in?
What is the most important aspect of the trip to you?

Would you like to mention anything else important to you?

By submitting your answers, you acknowledge and accept all terms & conditions of our privacy policy, you can find it here.

Thank you for contacting us!

The purpose of this document is for us to collect precious details in order to tailor-make the trip that YOU want. We treat your data confidentially and do not share it with any third party. By submitting your form, you agree to the terms & conditions of BAHARI. Which imply that we will archive your completed form solely for the purpose of continuity in our services & customer satisfaction, should you choose to travel with us again.

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     Time is among the most precious things we value in lives. No need to spend it on long-lasting research to plan a holiday anymore.  Let us, your travel agency, to worry about the next holiday exactly the way you wanted. 

    See how it works, fill the form, and rest assured while we tailor real experience to bring you sense of place in stunning destination.   

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