The trips that are meant to highlight out of the ordinary adventures. Whether they are above or under water, or both, they are to be your very own Odyssey! 

Our first Collection of great adventures!

Note that the journeys presented below can be customized with more activities or experiences.

Contact us for more details. 


Antarctica Expedition

BAHARI and PONANT invite you on a polar adventure to the heart of the Antarctic and the Weddell Sea. Embark on an unforgettable 10-day cruise to witness the breathtaking landscapes inhabited by astonishing wildlife.


Kilimanjaro Climb

Challenge yourself by reaching the highest point of the African continent - 5895 meters! Very few locations on our planet ignite such a mysticism and symbolism. It is, after all, the roof of Africa and the tallest free standing mountain in the World. A journey from 7 days, depending on your level, will take you to the top!


Maldives Luxury LiveAboard

The Maldives, over 1100 tiny islands in the Indian ocean, offer some of the most scenic seascapes on earth and is one of the most spectacular dive destination in the world. Cruising remote atolls is the best way to enjoy and discover the archipelago above and under water. It is also a fast changing ecosystem reminding us how fragile our planet is. 


Saint Helena's Wrecks, Reefs & Island Adventures

An outstanding holiday in the unspoiled and wild St Helena, a little volcanic island in South Atlantic off the African Continent.  It is a very special diving destination, with variety of wrecks and pristine reefs in abundance of marine life, like whales, dolphins, rays, turtles and whale sharks! The trip can be completed by hiking the spectacular topography of the island.


Sardine Run South Africa Wild Coast

A Marine Wildlife Festival – The Sardine Run Expedition is a unique wildlife encounter, following the annual Sardine migration, one of the largest migration in the world, along South Africa’s beautifully rugged coastline.

With more to come soon...

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