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Saint Helena, Africa

6 nights | 8 dives [4 days of diving]

We are pleased to offer an outstanding holiday in the unspoiled and wild St Helena, a little volcanic island in South Atlantic off the African Continent.  It is a very special diving destination, with variety of wrecks and pristine reefs in abundance of marine life, like whales, dolphins, rays, turtles and whale sharks! The trip can be completed by hiking the spectacular topography of the island.

St Helena is a volcanic island or, in fact, a rock situated in the heart of the South Atlantic Ocean. The country is undoubtedly an off-the-beaten track destination which makes your visit absolutely exclusive.

St Helena is home to over one thousand species of which over 500 are endemic to St Helena and occur nowhere else on the planet, they include the Wirebird (Chardrius sanctaehelenae), giant tree ferns and desert-dwelling nocturnal spiders. Marine life is equally outstanding, with ten species of endemic fish and visits from a variety of dolphins, whales and the whale sharks. This biodiversity has fascinated and influenced scientists and explorers for many years, including Charles Darwin, Edmund Halley and Captain James Cook.

What makes the diving in St Helena one of the best in the world is its unspoiled marine landscape and excellent underwater visibility which is known to be great almost all year round.

You can guarantee great water temperatures which range between 18 and up to 26 degrees Celsius in the summer months.  The untouched ocean bed remains in its natural surroundings and the marine life is in abundance. St Helena is also known as one of the safest places in the world where one can fish swim and dive. The marine life is in abundance and cave, ledge, reef and wreck diving is amazing and only a short boat trip away. St Helena has eight fantastic wrecks close to Jamestown, including amazing historic ships and a range of boats sunk for divers.

St Helena is not only a divers dream but also visitor’s adventure paradise for its landscape and trekking opportunities, as well as historical heritage and local hospitably.

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arriving to Jamestown, Saint Helena

7 days | 6 nights | 4 days of diving [8 dives]

| Tours all-year-round |

Seasonal whale sharks and whales itineraries available

from € 960

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The Blue Lantern Hotel

The Blue Lantern Hotel is a small cozy family-run estabshment which offers 8 en-suite rooms, a restaurant, marine and inland excursions. It is located in the very center of Jamestown close to all essential shops and services you might need during your holidays. 

[Other accommodation options are avalible upon request, including self-catering properties]

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6 nights accommodation


4 days of diving [8 dives]

Airport transfers

Lunch & dinner

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